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At Milestones, it is our inherent nature to want to help others.


Similar to when you have a friend in need, or a family member who calls upon you for help, or a loved one whose situation would be enhanced if you were to lend a hand, we have been known to go the extra mile to make ourselves available regardless of the client's location?  And we often do that the old fashioned way: with a house call.

We are here to help people and their families, and our loyalty and commitment to our clients is further evidenced by the efforts we make to prevent location from being a hurdle to a good client having access to a trustworthy adviser... or a hurdle to us having the pleasure of working with quality people.

Proudly serving clients across the U.S.

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Professional sports teams and executive boards of directors are not comprised of people all from the same zip code.  They are an aggregation of talented people who make it a point to prioritize their goals above geography.  We are proof that the same can hold true for investors and their investment adviser.

If you are a prudent-minded investor with material assets who is seeking superior personal service and who understands the value of independent investment advice, then residing near our headquarters is not a necessity to having convenient, efficient and productive access to our people, our skill-sets and our services.  At Milestones, we recognize that a firm such as ours cannot be found on every street corner, so we make it a point to have our services conveniently available to your home.

Going the EXTRA MILE
for our clients.
Sometimes LITERALLY.
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