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Milestones is proud to provide wealth management resources to our clients beyond traditional investment portfolio management.  We have thoughtfully designed our processes to provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each client.  Our robust capabilities include coordinated estate and wealth planning, financial and income tax planning, consolidated reporting, and personal cash-flow solutions.  Utilizing our services allow our clients to focus on what is truly important to them.  At Milestones, it is our goal to provide clients with a comprehensive wealth management platform at the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.

We believe in taking the time to determine your  – or your family's  – long-term objectives, key milestones, investment planning, estate and tax planning, and family governance and education.  It is our job to ensure we meet and exceed the goals of you and your family.

  • Assess and prescribe a combination of investment strategies that are most suitable to you and in your best interest.

  • Develop, compose and maintain a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Establish goals and track progress

  • Set up account structure

  • Assist in managing family wealth dynamics

  • Rebalance and reallocate as circumstances change

  • Stock option analysis and planning


  • Coordinate and carefully review documentation

  • Execute multi-generational planning and wealth transfer strategies

  • Collaborate and coordinate with estate attorney to optimize and enhance the outcome for your heirs and endowments

  • Title and beneficiary review and consultation

  • Manage fiduciary and trustee services

  • Provide wealth protection

  • Establish external trust company relationships for irrevocable trusts


  • Comprehensive planning-based asset management

  • Retirement planning

  • Income planning  – Assess current and future income needs

  • Education planning

  • Plan expenses and execute associated portfolio alignment

  • Develop distribution and retirement planning strategies


  • Engage the right resources at the right time

  • Mitigate risk while preparing for the future

  • Help identify potential exit strategies

  • Assess tax implications of transition alternatives

  • Design strategic transition plans


  • Interface with CPAs, tax and estate planning attorneys

  • Provide knowledgeable guidance in municipal and other tax-efficient investment strategies

  • Employ tax-efficient strategies across your various areas of wealth management (financial planning, estate planning, asset accumulation, asset allocation, social security planning)


  • Develop risk profile and capital appreciation expectations

  • Prescribe a customized asset allocation with cohesive household allocation modeling

  • Implement risk-return and asset class frameworks

  • Evaluate opportunities and risks

  • Utilize a prudent mix of strategic, tactical, and blended strategies


  • Execute charitable trust, gifting and other philanthropic strategies

  • Monitor legislative changes, and proactively alert and advise on Qualified Charitable Donations for IRAs.


  • Long-term care risk assessment

  • Long-term care insurance consulting

  • Coordination with POA for payment of care


  • Recommend timing strategies to help optimize benefits to your specific set of circumstances

  • Coordinate spousal and retirement benefits to maximize lifetime benefits for married couples

  • Advise on strategies to minimize the reduction of spousal and survivor benefits when a government pension triggers the Government Pension Offset rule

  • Develop strategies to minimize reduction of retirement benefits when a government pension or foreign pension triggers the Windfall Elimination Provision

  • Coordinate benefits with Medicare and private disability policies


  • Strategic planning for education expenses

  • Develop models of savings strategies

  • Discuss and recommend the available tax-advantaged vehicles

  • Recommend investment strategies tailored to the age and situation of the individual

  • Tailor advice based on family structure and situation


  • Policy review and suitability assessment

  • Advocate for you, for a best-fit set of solutions and strategies

  • Survivor protection

  • Income preservation

  • Estate preservation

Serving you through a MEANINGFUL
understanding of your GOALS.
To us, YOU are always the biggest part of the equation.