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Reaching your wealth goals requires the ability to review all of your financial information on a consistent basis in order to recognize how different aspects of your finances and wealth structuring interact.  Our wealth management discipline, ongoing financial tracking, and reporting allow you to see the big picture, proactively identify risks and effectively evaluate opportunities that could be to your benefit.

At Milestones, we partner with you on your financial journey by assuming the role of personal financial advocate.  We help you identify your financial needs and goals, while also developing a sound strategy that will enable you to realize your dreams. We guide you through risk assessment, development of strategies, and ultimately implementation of the plan we craft together. This will allow you to focus more energy on living a great life.

We believe wealth management is dynamic and personal and should be comprehensive and holistic — encompassing more than just traditional investment management.  We approach each relationship as having its own unique circumstances, opportunities and challenges.  The result is a tailored series of wealth management strategies designed to help you achieve financial independence while creating a lasting legacy for future generations.


Not all of your financial goals carry the same weight. Some are foundational to your well-being and security for the future. Others are more aspirational. A central part of the planning process involves prioritizing your different long-term needs, wants and aspirations.  Some of the key steps include:

  • Discussion, assessment and analysis of your current situation and aspirations.

  • Cultivation of a deep understanding of your short- and long-term needs. 

  • Exploration of your time horizon, lifestyle, tolerances, philanthropic pursuits, concerns, requirements and aspirations.

  • With your permission to work with your other professional advisers to directly collect relevant information and aggregate all data on your behalf.



With all your data organized and accessible, we can evaluate your current financial standing and identify any redundancies or gaps. We provide the scenario testing necessary to vet different future options and look at opportunities from multiple angles.



You are provided with a detailed plan that includes our recommendations for the steps and action items required for reaching your goals and objectives.

  • Development of personalized financial plans, estate planning strategy and details, portfolios and asset allocation strategies.

  • Assessment of your current portfolio for opportunities for enhancement and/or strategic reallocation.

  • Review of the entire plan with you to help ensure it aligns with your objectives and preferences.



Your financial planning and estate planning is an ongoing, proactive process. As your life and situation evolve, your planning is regularly monitored and revisited, with updates and adjustments being made as necessary.

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