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Our clients are our entire focus and purpose.  They are a diverse group ranging from individuals and families to businesses.  Our mission is to deliver superior personal service to clients who understand the value of independent investment advice. 

A typical Milestones client is one with material financial assets, and in the case of families, often spread across multiple generations and among varying individual, retirement, trust, and estate planning vehicles.  Clients come to Milestones seeking a partner in the management and organization of these assets.  We have a history of successfully dealing with such issues as diversifying from concentrated stock holdings or privately held assets, investing family foundations and endowments; business succession planning; investing for retirement, and estate and tax planning.

Our clients desire customized, risk-appropriate investment portfolios and wealth-management consultative services.


We have had the privilege of guiding generations of clients, applying a consultative approach to managing the complexities that accompany wealth.  Our offerings reflect the distinct needs of the families we serve, including coordination with other professional advisors such as CPAs and attorneys to help ensure our service is in harmony with all aspects of your life.


The highlight of our day.



Intergenerational wealth management requires a sophisticated and disciplined approach to help achieve your goals and aspirations in any market environment.  We apply this principle in assisting wealthy individuals, families and foundations with the management of substantial and complex portfolios.  In the pursuit of securing your financial future, we coordinate and help simplify challenging issues, including oversight and reporting requirements, investment due diligence and risk assessment, providing select families with a comprehensive range of custom services.




With retirees living longer, more active lives, it is essential for your retirement plan to work for you, helping you enjoy the life you have envisioned while also mitigating risk that could make your nest egg vulnerable.  We help pre-retirees and retirees overcome the challenges of such a profound lifestyle change.




As a business owner, you have built something you care about – and you want to see it last.  We understand.  Milestones is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities before you.  As your financial guide, we help you further your own brand of success by giving you the confidence to focus on what you do best.




As an executive  – between the demands of leading your company and the complex nature of your personal finances  – it is only natural to want to ensure your assets are in order and working as hard as you do.  For your convenience, we have created an efficient, consultative process to evaluate your case individually and tailor holistic strategies around your specific circumstances.




As a healthcare professional, personal and professional financial guidance will become critically important as you build and grow your career.  As we, too, experience firsthand, you have been dedicated to caring for others.  We understand your unique needs to protect against liabilities and other risks; preserve your assets from excessive taxes; mitigate the effects of healthcare cutbacks; manage education debt and, finally, pursue financial independence.  You also have other priorities to save for – a home, a family, retirement – while facing healthcare reform, rising malpractice premiums and reduced insurance payouts.  We understand the unique financial issues you face and why it’s more important than ever to make smart financial decisions now to prepare for the future.


Our goal is to provide EXTRAORDINARY  CARE
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